Medimix Specialty Pharmacy


Medimix is currently setting the standards in compound pharmaceuticals & has been recognized as a “5 Star Compounding Pharmacy.” Based out of Jacksonville, FL; Medimix is the only compounding pharmacy with its own Pharmacists’ Residency Program, which is hosted through the University of Florida.

Some of Medimix’s compounds include, topical pain creams, scar and wound gels, testosterone cream & Vitamin b12 sublinguals.  Due to national rises in addiction to prescription pain medications, our country’s physicians now have an option to prescribe topical pain creams & medications that not only provide the patient with comparable results, but also do not result in undesirable side effects & dependencies that are often associated with prescription narcotics such as Vicodin.  The scar gel is the only one of its kind that contains a drug known as pentoxylline, which inhibits cellular growth and the formation of scar tissue & is also effective on both new & preexisting scars. 

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